Watermelons and Cantaloupes

Prices-   Cantaloupe $4.00

               Red seeded personal melons. About the size of a cantaloupe.  $3.00
                They are called Smile and are guaranteed to make you smile.

               Yellow large seeded $9.00

                Red seeded large coming soon $9.00



If not completely satisfied with any melon help yourself to another.

We are a small farm and grow about 2 acres of watermelons and cantaloupe. Most of our melons and cantaloupe are sold at our You Pick stand, Lucedale farmers market, a local grocery store, and local produce stands. our goal is to grow quality melons primarily for taste. For more information call Randy at 601-770-0239.

Address- 6228 Barton Agricola rd Lucedale, Ms 39452

Driving Directions- click on the About us- Driving directions icon on the left.

Honor Box- melons and cantaloupe are available under the pine trees on my drive.  Leave the money in the honor box, cash or make a check out to Randy Brown or Brown Hill Farm. "If you are not completely satisfied please help yourself to another one no charge.

Water melon variaties-

Summer Flavor- Jubilee type, blocky shape, 28 to about 40lbs, bright red flesh that is sweet and crisp. They have an irresistible aroma when cut.



Smile- red seeded, ice box type, bright red flesh, thin fine, guarabreed to make you smile. About the size of a cantaloupe.


Orange Crush- yellow flesh watermelon. Bright yellow flesh, crisp ,sweet and juicy. These melons are very productive. Lots have a small crack in the heart but the flavor makes up for it. 


Athena Cantaloupe. In my opinion they are the best cantaloupe on the market. They are prolific, have good webbing, size up well, excellent taste and an aroma that will atteact your attention.




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